Fire & Flood Restoration

A fire or flood at your home or office is a traumatic experience and we at Trojan understand the need to ensure the experience you have had doesn’t get worse.

We provide a full and all-inclusive fire and flood restoration service which will take the worry out of restoring your property to its former glory.

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Secondary damage can manifest as aesthetic problems such as discoloration or as serious issues such as structural damage to the property itself. Our fire or flood clean-up and restoration services start with a full risk assessment and survey of the property. Based on a detailed scope of works, remediation and restoration work can be completed.

Our expertise allows us to identify and quickly implement the safest and most efficient techniques for the effective removal of fire residues from your property, neutralising fire-related odours. Waste resulting from the fire, such as charred or burned materials and structures, is removed and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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Trojan have been playing a hugely important role in the local area by investing in the community for over a decade. We have promoted and helped local people through events, sponsorship and ongoing initiatives that have both improved and enriched the lives of many.

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